Adam Sondag

attempting to understand our social reality

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Identity theft.

Our identities do not exist within our bank accounts and email addresses. They are not locked away, per federal standard, on the third floor of a low-rise commercial building. Our identity exists within our physical makeup… somehow.

Where our identity exists is as much a mystery as why we need one in the first place. Should someone ever show you a neuroimage of the brain and offer “identity lives here,” [points confidently at specific gyrus] quickly funnel that idiot down the nearest flight of stairs. We have no true idea where identity exists or how we choose what is internalized vs. rejected, but we know what is true and untrue of our identity almost immediately. We deftly block and refute evidence of a self that differs from our perceived-self. Just as quickly we will have dropped our head at the overwhelming discrepancy between our idealized-self and our perceived-self. It...

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Thesis statement.

I’ve opened this resource as a way to trick myself into engaging my thoughts constructively. I’ll try to focus on social science issues as they relate to research and current events, but I’ll also share some on poetry if that strikes me. My hope is to reinstate importance and identity in meaningful outlets for my career and creativity. Reactions and suggestions of future avenues to explore are welcome; validation, praise, criticism and name-calling are welcome but not necessary.

Welcome to my mind- this will be both good and bad and often neutral.

Ideally is a space where Li Bai drinking wine with the moon meets griping about research methodology.

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